Bad Checks Division

How does the Warren County Attorney's Office collect your check?

Once a check is brought to us for collection, it is assigned a file number and a copy is made for your records; this office retains the original check. Information is entered into our computer system and a letter is sent to the check writer. This letter states that if the check and fees, are not paid within 10 days criminal prosecution will begin. If payment is not received in the 10-day period, this office will prepare a criminal complaint for you to sign. This officially enters the check into the court system. The complaint, along with a court summons or an arrest warrant, is issued to the Sheriff’s Office or local law enforcement to be served to the check writer. Once served, a court date is set. Because law enforcement requires two identifiers on the check (e.g., operators license, date of birth social security) for service of legal documents, this office requires two identifiers on every check.

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